DitaCompareDotNet MC_TopicAlignmentCompleted EventDeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API Documentation
DeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API Documentation
Raised when topic alignment process completed.

Provides alignment information on referenced topics, giving an indication of the number of comparisons to be performed - the size of the alignedTopics Dictionary.

Namespace: DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi
Assembly: DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi (in DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi.dll) Version: (

public event DitaMapTopicsetCompareDotNet..::..ProgressMapTopicAlignmentHandler MC_TopicAlignmentCompleted


Type: DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi DitaMapTopicsetCompareDotNet ProgressMapTopicAlignmentHandler
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