DitaMapfileCompareDotNet compare Method (FileInfo, FileInfo, FileInfo)DeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API Documentation
DeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API Documentation
Compares two File inputs to produce a File result.

Namespace: DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi
Assembly: DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi (in DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi.dll) Version: (

public void compare(
	FileInfo input1,
	FileInfo input2,
	FileInfo result


Type: System.IO FileInfo
The first input to compare as a File object
Type: System.IO FileInfo
The second input to compare as a File object
Type: System.IO FileInfo
The File in which to write the comparison result

com.deltaxml.dita LicenseException when the license cannot be read or is not valid
com.deltaxml.dita ParserException when there is a problem creating/configuring an XML parser
System.IO FileNotFoundException when an input File or the lcation of the result File cannot be found
com.deltaxml.dita SerializationException when there is a problem writing the result File
com.deltaxml.dita InputLoadException when there is a problem loading an input File
com.deltaxml.dita FilterProcessingException when an error occurs running a filter in the pipeline
com.deltaxml.dita DifferentRootElementException if the two input Files have different roots
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