DitaTopicCompareDotNet HtmlTableProcessing Property DeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API Documentation
DeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API Documentation
Specifies whether to apply html table or DITA simpletable processing.

Namespace: DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi
Assembly: DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi (in DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi.dll) Version: (

public bool HtmlTableProcessing { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Boolean

Specifies whether to apply html table or DITA simpletable processing.

HTML tables processing ensures that when valid input tables are provided - according to the HTML-4 or draft HTML-5 documentation - the result will be a valid HTML-4/5 table. Note that both inputs need to follow the same standard (ie be HTML-4 or HTML-5).

Simple changes to the table, such as changing the contents of a cell and adding a row or column are generally represented as fine grain changes. Because HTML entries can overlap or span multiple rows and columns, some types of change are difficult to represent at fine granularity, whilst ensuring validity. In these cases changes are represented at row (ie, groups of added/deleted rows) or even whole-table granularity.

DITA Simple tables are also handled by this filter. In this case, the syntactic constraints ensure that cells cannot overlap or span either rows or columns, therefore changes are represented at a fine grained level of detail.

Setting this parameter to false turns off this processing, therefore it is possible to generate an invalid table. However, if table validity is not a concern changes may be represented at finer granularity.



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