DitaTopicCompareDotNet RedistributionLicense Property DeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API Documentation
DeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API Documentation
Sets a redistribution license for use with subsequent compare operations.

Namespace: DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi
Assembly: DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi (in DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi.dll) Version: (

public ulong[] RedistributionLicense { set; }

Property Value

Type:  UInt64 

com.deltaxml.dita LicenseException if a problem is detected with the bytes representing a license.

DeltaXML Redistribution or 'OEM' customers should use this method in conjunction with supplied code which is typically compiled and integrated into their own products. The supplied code provides examples of usage. This method is not intended to be used by other types of license/customer.

A LicenseException should always contain a nested exception or cause containing further details of the underlying issue. This will be typically one of: LicenseContentException, VersionException, CPUCountException, LicenseSecurityException, LicenseExpiredException, LicenseNotYetValidException, and InvalidLicenseException

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