DitaMapTopicsetCompareDotNet ClassDeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API Documentation
DeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API Documentation
Compares two Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) maps and produces a result map(s) marked to show changes.
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System Object
  DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi DitaMapTopicsetCompareDotNet

Namespace: DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi
Assembly: DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi (in DeltaXML.DitaCompareApi.dll) Version: (

public class DitaMapTopicsetCompareDotNet : DitaMapCompareProgressListener

This comparator aligns the topics between the two maps, compares the aligned topics, and returns a map, or maps, that contain the compared, added, and deleted topics. Precisely what is returned is dependent on the parameters specified in this class, as discussed in the Map Level Output Formats section of the User Guide.

Events raised by this class can be used to monitor progress of a comparison; To enable events (which are disabled by default) the EnableProgressEventHandling property must be set. The order of events is summarised below.

I. Map-level events; Start and Finish events occur for the following:

  1. MapCopy [optional - determined by configuration];
  2. MapScan;
  3. TopicAlignment;
  4. - topic-level events (II) occur; and
  5. MapLevelOutputProcessing.

II. Topic-level events; for each topic the following events occur:

  1. TopicProcessingStarted;
  2. - TopicCompare events (III) occur [optional - when topic comparison occurs];
  3. TopicProcessingCompleted;

III. Topic-comparison level events; for each topic comparison the following events occur:

  1. TopicCompareStarted
  2. TopicCompareCompleted
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