DeltaXML Merge automatically merges edits from two or more editors into a single document, so you can accept/reject changes from multiple authors all in one document. With DeltaXML Merge you are no longer restricted to having only one person working on a document.

Now, with DeltaXML Merge, this job becomes much, much easier, because Merge merges all the changes into a single document.

DeltaXML Merge has a number of different use cases:

DeltaXML Merge works at the level of each paragraph, table or list. Merge compares each edited version with the base and if only one is different, the changes are shown as tracked changes so that they can be accepted or rejected.

If more than one editor has changed the same item, the change from each editor is shown separately for easier understanding. At the same time, all the changes are intelligently merged into one copy of the paragraph or item to make it easier to accept or reject each change.