DitaMapfileCompareDotNet MethodsDeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API Documentation
DeltaXML DITA Compare .NET API DocumentationThe DitaMapfileCompareDotNet type exposes the following members.

Public methodcompare(FileInfo, FileInfo, FileInfo)
Compares two File inputs to produce a File result.
Public methodcompare(String, Uri, String, Uri)
Compares two XML string inputs to produce an XML string result.
Public methodcompare(Stream, Uri, Stream, Uri, Stream)
Compare two input Streams to produce an output Stream result.
Public methodcompare(TextReader, Uri, TextReader, Uri, TextWriter)
Compare two input readers (character streams) to produce an output writer result.
Public methodgetEntityResolver
Get the previously set entity resolver.
Public methodsetEntityResolver
Set the entity resolver to use.
Public methodsetLicenseFile
Sets the license file for use with Flexera licensing.
Public methodsetLicenseServer(String)
Sets a license server for use with concurrent licensing.
Public methodsetLicenseServer(String, Int32)
Sets a license server and port for use with concurrent licensing.
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