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Package com.deltaxml.merge

This package provides classes for Merging of XML inputs.

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Package com.deltaxml.merge Description

This package provides classes for Merging of XML inputs. Merging aligns the data/content in the XML and provides an output suitable for a number of use cases.

This package is designed for generic well-formed XML; other packages are provided for specific XML formats and content types such as DITA.

The ConcurrentMerge class provides an n-way merge where an ancestor version and a number of derivatives are recombined. A further class (ThreeWayMerge) provides extended capabilities for the common three-way use case and additionally provides a number of additional output formats and types (such as editor track-change formats).

The ThreeWayMerge class is similar to ConcurrentMerge but restricts the number of versions to be merged to three. This restriction allows ThreeWayMerge to provide additional options.

The SequentialMerge class supports an n-way merge for the case where, following the original document version, each new document version is an edit of the previous document version. The changes described in the combined document result are described in terms of sequential edits.

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