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XML Merge Java API Documentation

A package for n-way merging of well-formed XML content.

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XML Merge APIs 
Package Description
This package provides classes for Merging of XML inputs.
This package is used to define the interfaces and classes that are common to all of the merge products.
This package provides configuration classes for merge.

A package for n-way merging of well-formed XML content.

There are three top level classes: ConcurrentMerge, ThreeWayMerge and SequentialMerge

The ConcurrentMerge class supports a model of merging where there is a common ancestor and a number of derivative versions or 'edits'. Changes between the ancestor and edits are represented using the deltaV2 format (attributes and elements in a DeltaXML namespace) as used in other products such as XML Compare.

The package supports generating a result which contains all of the content from all of the inputs. Because the concurrent merge algorithm has the concept of an ancestor version it is possible to define changes in terms of concepts such as 'add', 'delete' and 'modify' and this information can also be annotated in the result. It's also possible to perform rule-based processing on the result so that simple, non-conflicting, changes can be automatically processed.

The ThreeWayMerge class is similar to ConcurrentMerge, but only supports cases where there are just three documents to merge. This constraint allows the ThreeWayMerge class to be provide additional options.

To resolve conflicting changes we recommend and propose the use of an interactive or GUI based conflict resolver. While these resolvers are not included in the XML Merge product, several prototype or demonstration applications are available on the DeltaXML website.

The SequentialMerge class supports a scenario where an original document is edited on a turn-by-turn basis. Each edit produces a new documentation that is a modification of the previous document version. The merge combines the original document and all the subsequent document versions.

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