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Package com.deltaxml.core

A JAXP compatible API to facilitate construction of XML comparison pipelines.

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Package com.deltaxml.core Description

A JAXP compatible API to facilitate construction of XML comparison pipelines.

This package uses the features of the JAXP API including XMLFilters and TransformerHandlers to link the pipeline stages together, but tries to hide the complexity of JAXP pipeline construction from the user.

A similar, but more efficient and feature-rich, pipeline is provided by the new com.deltaxml.cores9api package. Its provides similar classes and methods to this package (which should make upgrading fairly easy), but its internal implementation is based on s9api providing better performance and some extra features.

Support Note: This package should be considered 'deprecated'. We encourage new users to use the new cores9api package in preference to this one and will provide support to users who wish to upgrade.

NOTE: This package is called: com.deltaxml.core while the JAXP orientated API is: com.deltaxml.api. The api package name was/is a poor choice of name, but it is preserved for backwards compatibility reasons with existing 2.x releases. This package is built on-top of and uses the code in the api package.


This API requires:

JAXP is required to provide a pluggable SAX Parsers and XSLT Processors. This API is included in the JDK and JRE from versions 1.4 onwards. Included with this release are jar files for Saxon 9.3 and Xerces-J 2.9, these provide alternative JAXP implementations and we recommend their use over those included in the JDK/JRE. Some of the provided filters are written using XSLT 2.0 and these require the use of an XSLT processor such as Saxon.

Saxon 9.3 and Xerces 2.9 are our recommended implementations and have undergone thorough testing. However, we have also tested a number of alternate implementations, which although unable to support all of the provided filters are compatible with this package, these include:

Usage notes/comments in the various XSLT scripts included as samples describe some known bugs in some of the XSLT processors we have tested. We would recommend reading the script comments and/or the Java filter documentation when choosing filters or considering the use of different JAXP implementations.

A samples directory provides code samples and data together with a ReadMe file explaining compilation/running. We recommend using the provided Ant scripts for compilation and running . The Ant build tool is available from

Properties and Features

Properties and Features are used to configure a com.deltaxml.core.PipelinedComparator through the comparator.setComparatorProperty, comparator.setComparatorFeature methods.

The currently supported properties and features are documented in Features and Properties.

Multi-threaded Use

A single PipelinedComparator should not be used by multiple threads running concurrently. Different PipelinedComparators may be used concurrently by different threads.

Feature and property settings are preserved between invocations of the compare methods.

Support Information

Please visit our Support Page to find the relevant channels to use for any questions, bug-reports, suggested enhancements or any other matter related to this software.

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