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Package com.deltaxml.cores9api

A Saxon S9API compatible interface to facilitate construction of XML comparison pipelines.

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Package com.deltaxml.cores9api Description

A Saxon S9API compatible interface to facilitate construction of XML comparison pipelines.


This API requires:

By default an XML parser is instantiated using the JAXP SAXParserFactory and users can configure an appropriate class using system properties, service manifests or the other JAXP Factory configuration mechanisms. We include a copy of Xerces-J and recommend its use in preference to platform or JDK default classes. The com.deltaxml.config.JavaPlatform.useSAXParserFactory configuration property when set to the value 'false' can be used to bypass the JAXP SAXParserFactory and will instead directly instantiate Xerces-J using the org.apache.xerces.jaxp.SAXParserFactoryImpl class.


Samples are published on Bitbucket at with a file explaining compilation/running. We recommend using the provided Ant scripts for compilation and running . The Ant build tool is available from


This package is designed to be compatible with the com.deltaxml.core package. Several of the classes and methods have similar names and the DXP file format support is identical between these packages. While they are not source code compatible, we have designed for compatibility so that few modifications are required when moving to this new package.

We have chosen to add 'S9' to several of the classnames to avoid confusion when porting or migrating, so for example com.deltaxml.core.PipelinedComparator has a similar interface and functionality to com.deltaxml.cores9api.PipelinedComparatorS9.

When a class has been modified we've added the 'S9' substring. New classes related to the new pipeline architecture are contained in this package. However, there are several classes shared between the core and cores9api packages with similar or identical interfaces; rather than needlessly duplicate code we refer to classes in the core package. So for example the com.deltaxml.cores9api.PipelinedComparatorS9 constructors will throw a com.deltaxml.core.ParserInstantiationException (as does com.deltaxml.core.PipelinedComparator).

Multi-threaded Use

A single PipelinedComparatorS9 should not be used by multiple threads running concurrently. Different PipelinedComparators may be used concurrently by different threads. This is also true for Document Comparator.

Support Information

Please visit our Support Page to find the relevant channels to use for any questions, bug-reports, suggested enhancements or any other matter related to this software.

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